Top 5 most furry cat breeds
The most furry cats in the world Siberian cat. Northern beauties, the pride of our country. As the name implies, the breed was formed in Siberia. These pets have very…

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Why are cats afraid of water?
Are cats afraid of water? Have you noticed how cats like to watch the water, lie in the bath or sink, drink from the tap? Agree, this behavior does not…

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Cat and baby in the same house
Are cats dangerous for children? There are people who are sure that cats are dangerous for children. What if an allergy? Suddenly worms? Suddenly fleas? But if an allergy can…

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Rules for grooming cats and bathing

The answer of leading dermatologists to this question is unequivocal: the less often, the better. Any cat should be bathed only in case of severe pollution, which the animal can not cope on its own. It is better to wipe the skin of bald cats with special napkins to get rid of excess sebum.
If you are still going to bathe your pet, remember that aggressive products: solvents, degreasers for the kitchen and even just laundry soap – are strictly prohibited! In addition, in no case should funds be allowed to get into the eyes or swallowed.

Some authors write about the use of detergents for children, but it is preferable to use professional animal shampoos that a veterinarian will offer you. You should also not dry a cat with a hairdryer. The risk of burning the animal is high enough, and even if you use cold air, the hair dryer will irritate the cat and bathing will turn into flour.


The benefits of combined nutrition in the diet of adult cats

The average life span of a street cat is 6–7 years. A domestic cat is less susceptible to the effects of negative environmental factors that reduce its lifespan, and under favorable circumstances can live up to 20 years.

However, at the age of 7–8 years old, aging processes start in the body of a domestic cat, which lead to a significant deterioration in the quality of life and, as a result, a decrease in its duration.

The ability to assimilate food, in particular fat, fat-soluble vitamins and protein, is reduced;
Intestinal motility and resistance worsen;
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Digestive Principles for Sensitive Digestion Kittens

The quality, quantity and balance of the products that the kitten receives, lay the foundation for its health. It is with him that he will go through life, overcoming his small obstacles. In addition, the degree of digestibility of the feed is very important in providing the pet with the necessary nutrients. From the first months of life, your kitten needs a complete, carefully calibrated diet.

If the animal is healthy, and its gastrointestinal tract (GIT) works like a clock, problems with the digestion of components of high-quality feed, as a rule, do not arise. If the kitten shows signs of digestive upset, then the saturation of the body with nutrients, and hence the full development of the kitten, is at risk.

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Features of the behavior of cats and the main cat team
Like a dog, a cat belongs to the so-called companion animals and lives in close proximity to humans. However, at the same time, it does not lose its natural instincts…


Kitten eyes
Cat eyes are the visual organ that allows cats to prey on small prey even in low light conditions. This peculiar “night vision device” developed in felines during the evolution…


Caring for a cat after surgery
Unfortunately, often, instead of reliable facts, the owners learn frightening myths that can prevent them from properly caring for the animal. But there are fundamental facts that cannot be neglected.…


Sterilization of cats and castration of cats
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