How to choose a kitten? What to ask a breeder about?
What should be considered when choosing a kitten and what questions should be asked to the breeder before taking the kitten into the house? If you decide to have a…

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Rules for grooming cats and bathing
HOW OFTEN TO BUY A CAT? The answer of leading dermatologists to this question is unequivocal: the less often, the better. Any cat should be bathed only in case of…

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Why are cats afraid of water?
Are cats afraid of water? Have you noticed how cats like to watch the water, lie in the bath or sink, drink from the tap? Agree, this behavior does not…

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The Egyptian cat (Egyptian Mau) belongs to the group of medium-sized short-haired cat breeds. A distinctive feature of this cat is spotty color and a peculiar pattern on the head.

The homeland of Mau is Egypt. Ancient Egyptian civilization revered cats as sacred animals and reckoned them to the gods of the moon, giving all sorts of honors. The ancestors of the Egyptian Mau were the ancient Egyptian cats, whose appearance has not changed for millennia. The first images of Egyptian cats were made more than 3,000 years ago.

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Bengal cat

Bengal cat, bengal – a hybrid of domestic (Felis silvestris catus) and wild Bengal cat (Prionailurus bengalensis).

The story of the appearance of a Bengal cat deserves special attention and is very closely connected with the personality of the American genetic biologist Gene Mill (Sagden). Gene was engaged in breeding cats and breeding new breeds, studied genetic diversity and the possibility of increasing intraspecific diversity for these animals. In 1961, Gene Mill went on a business trip to Bangkok. Wild cats F. Bengalensis, close in size to domestic ones, lived in this region of Asia. At that time, this species was on the verge of extinction due to poaching: adult animals were exterminated due to the value and beauty of their skins, and small kittens were sold to tourists in the local market as live souvenirs. Jin bought a kitten and brought it home to the United States, giving him the name Malaysia. And although Malaysia remained an absolutely wild animal, it was she who inspired Jin to create a completely new breed of cats in the future. Continue reading

What should be prepared for the appearance of a kitten house?

Examine the shopping list for the kitten and make a plan for preparing the apartment for the appearance of a small tenant.

Surprisingly, such a small pet will need a lot of things. What items for care, feeding and games will be useful to you? Going to the pet store, bring along a shopping list for the kitten so you don’t forget anything!

What you need to buy at a pet store
You should not choose to carry “for growth”: give preference to boxing of a small size, otherwise the kitten will feel uncomfortable. Over time, you will be able to buy a larger carrying. Continue reading

How to understand if your cat’s skin and coat are healthy?
Skin is the largest organ in the animal’s body, and its main function is protective. It is she who protects the cat's body from harmful environmental factors, and also largely…


How to care for a pregnant cat?
Pregnancy in cats lasts a little over a month, about 9 weeks. This is a crucial time. The owner should pay more attention to his pet and surround her with…


Features of the behavior of cats and the main cat team
Like a dog, a cat belongs to the so-called companion animals and lives in close proximity to humans. However, at the same time, it does not lose its natural instincts…


Sterilization and castration of cats: differences and consequences
Caring owners are anxious about the health of their pets and will do everything to ensure that their pets are healthy and happy. It is often not so easy to…