Kitten care and feeding
Normally, newborn kittens should receive full care and nutrition from their mom cat. But if this is not possible, the kitten can take care of the kittens. If you have…

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Cat at home
It is still not known exactly when exactly cats (Félis silvéstris cátus) began to live next to a person. Scientists talk about more than ten thousand years of successful partnership…

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How to understand if your cat’s skin and coat are healthy?
Skin is the largest organ in the animal’s body, and its main function is protective. It is she who protects the cat's body from harmful environmental factors, and also largely…

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Features of the behavior of cats and the main cat team

Like a dog, a cat belongs to the so-called companion animals and lives in close proximity to humans. However, at the same time, it does not lose its natural instincts and remains one of the most dangerous predators in its “weight category”.

The relationship of a cat with a person is widely discussed in various literature, but most owners do not always fully understand their pets.

The scientific community is still debating whether the cat is fully domesticated or can be attributed to the so-called “semi-domestic” species. In light of all this, it may not be easy for the cat’s owners to understand the causes of aggression or discontent, learn how to interact with the cat correctly, or teach them some commands. Below we will talk about some features of the behavior of cats.

There is an opinion that it is impossible to train a cat in any teams and that it is much more difficult to train them than lions or tigers. However, practice shows that this is not entirely true, and that cats are quite capable of mastering simple commands: “to me”, “stand”, “jump”, “sit” and even “give a paw”.

It is very important that the cat you are going to train is healthy, not scared, not stressed, and that the trainer be patient, caring and consistent in his intentions. From about six months of age, you can already train a cat in teams, observing the basic principles:

only positive reinforcement (if, for example, your cat jumps over an obstacle – encourage her with affection and dainty for each such jump);
lack of punishment for non-compliance;
short-term (cats usually tire of classes for more than 30 minutes per day).
The most important thing that the owner must remember is that no training is worth the cat’s health and well-being.

To promote a cat, you can use granules of dry food from its main diet or wet food.

Usually cats are especially active at dusk and at dawn. This is due to the fact that cats hunt in nature at this time of day, and their eyesight is adapted specifically to it.

It’s normal for a cat to sleep in shelters, and the owner needs to create such “nooks” for the pet, especially if other animals or small children live in the house besides the cat. She should be able to hide and be alone. True, cats raised with dogs usually get along well with them.

Do not let small children terrorize a cat, from childhood instill an understanding that a cat cannot be pulled by its tail, ears or paws, prevent it from sleeping or resting, otherwise one of them may get hurt.

Because of their origin, cats are very fond of heat: they can bask in the sun for hours, and in the cold season spend long hours near heat sources.

The issues of zoopsychology are quite complex and are the subject of analysis by specialists. This area includes manifestations of aggression, discontent, isolation of a cat, and many others.

If you see that the cat is trying to injure you or your family members, then it is better to consult a veterinarian right away – perhaps the cat is unhealthy or is in a state of serious stress, maybe she needs emergency help.

Cats and cats can show serious aggression or discontent during periods of sexual activity (usually in the spring), which is decided by castration or sterilization. The use of any hormonal drugs, including those that change the behavior of the animal, is possible only as directed by the doctor.

Changes in the behavior of the pet are likely to signal stress or may be a consequence of the disease. If the non-communicative nature of cats or dissatisfied meow is repeated briefly and periodically, you should not be afraid – most likely, this is a manifestation of the individual characteristics of the psyche.

Sometimes cats show selectivity or even fastidiousness in food. However, most often the owners exaggerate its degree. Practice shows that some cat owners change their food less than 24 hours after the pet’s appetite is reduced.

But before changing a benign diet previously approved by your veterinarian, you must:

Remove food for a while, and then set again;
Wash dishes thoroughly and do not use low-quality plastic;
A little warm up the food to a warm, but not hot state;
Wait 6-12 hours.
If none of these tricks worked, and there is no appetite for more than 24 hours, then it is better to consult a veterinarian.

Due to the nature of their origin, cats do not need a lot of water. However, if the cat completely refuses water for more than 24 hours, you should contact your veterinarian. Also remember that:

Cat’s thirst can be reduced by adding wet food to the diet;
You may simply not notice how and when she drinks;
She may be unhappy with a bowl of water or prefer another source of drinking.

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