How to make friends with a cat?
Getting a cat, we imagine how comfortable it will be to sleep on our lap and wake up in the morning with a gentle purr. But reality is preparing a…

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How to choose a kitten? What to ask a breeder about?
What should be considered when choosing a kitten and what questions should be asked to the breeder before taking the kitten into the house? If you decide to have a…

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Do cats brush their teeth?
To maintain oral health, we brush our teeth twice a day. And what about our pets? Do cats need to brush their teeth or has nature foreseen everything? Nature is…

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Why does a cat have a mustache?

What is the name of a mustache for cats and what are they?
The mustache in cats grows not only under the nose, but also on the forehead, near the eyes, on the chin and even on the paws. More precisely, it is correct to call them not “mustache”, but “vibrissa”. These are sensitive, hard hairs that are longer than the coat. There are about 40 pieces of such hairs on the cat’s body, and only 24 of them are on the face.

Unlike simple hair, vibrissae are surrounded by hundreds of nerve endings and muscle fibers, and their root goes deep into the tissue.

Each vibrissa is a separate organ of touch, which 24 hours a day uninterruptedly transmits a signal to the animal’s brain. Vibrissas are present not only in cats, but also in many other mammals, including dogs. Continue reading

What vaccinations do kittens need?

In the first weeks of a kitten’s life, a cat-mother takes care of his immunity. But after weaning from his mother, his natural defense weakens and needs additional support. What does the owner need to do to provide the pet with this protection in a timely manner?

Why vaccinate a kitten?
Mother’s milk (Colostrum), secreted in the first days of a baby’s life, contains a large number of antibodies. Thanks to this, the kitten receives primary immunity from the cat. In the future, the level of antibodies in milk gradually decreases, but remains sufficient to maintain health and prevent infections.

Naturally, a small kitten only weaned from its mother is not enough to have its own antibodies. To protect the kitten from common infectious diseases, vaccinations (vaccinations) are also carried out – preventive measures to form the kittens’ own active immunity. Continue reading

Stages of growth and development of a kitten

A lot of events await the kitten on the way to growing up. Let’s take a look at the most significant of them in stages.

1 month
Kittens are born deaf and blind, but have a good enough sense of smell to easily find the source of mother’s milk. The milk secreted by a cat in the first days of her kitten’s life contains a large amount of antibodies (mainly IgA and IgG) and is called Colostrum. Thanks to him, the kitten receives the so-called primary immunity. In the future, the level of antibodies in milk gradually decreases, but remains sufficient to maintain health and prevent infections.

On the 4th – 5th day, kittens have a rumor, and by the beginning of the 3rd week of life, eyes open. At 3 weeks, their teeth begin to cut, and the kids become noticeably more mobile – they try to get up on all 4 legs. Continue reading

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