Which wet cat food is best?
Which wet cat food is best? Wet food is the perfect choice for your pet. As a rule, they are very tasty, easy to digest, because maximally correspond to the…

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Do cats brush their teeth?
To maintain oral health, we brush our teeth twice a day. And what about our pets? Do cats need to brush their teeth or has nature foreseen everything? Nature is…

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How to choose food for a kitten?
Proper nutrition is the basis of a pet’s health, therefore, a decision should be made when deciding how to feed a kitten. From the first days of life and, as…

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What should be prepared for the appearance of a kitten house?

Examine the shopping list for the kitten and make a plan for preparing the apartment for the appearance of a small tenant.

Surprisingly, such a small pet will need a lot of things. What items for care, feeding and games will be useful to you? Going to the pet store, bring along a shopping list for the kitten so you don’t forget anything!

What you need to buy at a pet store
You should not choose to carry “for growth”: give preference to boxing of a small size, otherwise the kitten will feel uncomfortable. Over time, you will be able to buy a larger carrying. Continue reading

How to choose food for a kitten?

Proper nutrition is the basis of a pet’s health, therefore, a decision should be made when deciding how to feed a kitten.

From the first days of life and, as a rule, up to 4-6 weeks, the kitten eats mother’s milk. The milk secreted by a cat in the first days of a kitten’s life is called Colostrum and contains a large number of antibodies. Thanks to this antibody-rich milk, the kitten receives primary immunity from the mother. In the future, the level of antibodies in milk gradually decreases, but always remains sufficient to maintain health and prevent infections.

Wet feed conversion
At the age of 4-6 weeks, you can gradually accustom the kitten to self-nutrition, offering him a little wet food. It is important to remember that mother-cat milk is a high-calorie product containing 2 times more protein than cow’s milk, as well as rich in nutrients, vitamins, essential fatty acids, necessary for the growth and development of a kitten. Continue reading

Castration, sterilization, aftercare

For starters, let’s figure out the terminology.
Castration is the removal of reproductive organs. In males, the testes (testicles) are removed, and in females, the uterus and ovaries are removed. The purpose of elective surgery in animals is to correct sexual behavior and eliminate the ability to reproduce offspring. Sterilization is a procedure aimed solely at eliminating or temporarily inhibiting the reproductive function of animals; sexual behavior and all secondary sexual characteristics remain unchanged. In the case of surgical intervention, manipulations are performed that are not related to the removal of the testes and ovaries.

Thus, sterilization of animals is inappropriate, since it does not meet the task – does not change sexual behavior and does not eliminate other unpleasant sexual characteristics (male urine retains a pungent odor). In the vast majority of cases (99%), veterinarians resort to castration of animals: castration of females and castration of males. Continue reading

Top 5 most furry cat breeds
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How to understand if your cat’s skin and coat are healthy?
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Kittens transportation
Cats do not like changing habitats, long-distance transportation is a real test for them, and for the fragile psyche of kittens - this is a traumatic event. But sometimes it…